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Static Electricity Educational Paper

Conductive Raised Platform Tile

Beveled Edges and Grounding

All pictures click on to enlarge:

wpe1.jpg (19330 bytes)Alignment of male, female and corner beveled edges

wpe4.jpg (29815 bytes)Beveled edges and corners attached beveling down to ground level

wpe6.jpg (50714 bytes)View of female or male beveled edge attached to tile

wpe8.jpg (56075 bytes)View of female, male and corner attached to tile

wpe15.jpg (37627 bytes)Conductive Raised Platform Tile can be grounded by using a simple Floor Mat Ground Cord (for 1100 sq.ft. I would suggest 20 ground cords)  Cord and snap attachments shown.  Instructions will be included with your shipment.

wpe19.jpg (46462 bytes)Female snap is attached to tiles along outside edges

wpe1B.jpg (37496 bytes)Bottom side of snap attachment to tile, only tool required is a Philips Head screwdriver

wpe1D.jpg (37496 bytes)Ground cord attached to conductive tile


Our warehouse for this product is located in Utica, NY 13504

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