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Static Electricity Educational Paper
3 Layer Anti-Static Floor Mat

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Extremely dense vinyl (for added strength) allows this 
product to be used on work surfaces and/or floors.

When Durability Counts - there is no vinyl floor ESD mats 
on the market that will last as long or perform as well as 
our 3-Layer vinyls

3 Layer Construction:

  • Top Surface - Abrasive resistant dissipative solid vinyl
  • Inner Layer - Conductive carbon mesh providing reliable, consistent 
    and rapid static charge grounding path
  • Bottom Layer - Abrasive resistant dissipative solid vinyl


  • Can be used under chairs and carts when placed on hard surface floors
  • Overall thickness: 3/32 (0.094) (2.38 mm)
  • RTT: 5x 107-5x108 ohms
  • RTG: 5x 107-5x108 ohms
  • Color: Dark Gray

3 Layer Anti-Static Floor Mat
Product # 187AS  


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