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Static Electricity Educational Paper

Anti-Static Fatigue Floor Mat

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  • Designed for hard surface floor applications

  • Do not use under chairs and carts

  • Provides fatigue relief from prolonged standing

  • Non-slip Pebble surface

  • Beveling on two sides only except 60' rolls

  • The most economical anti-static fatigue mat available

  • Construction design allows effective static charge removal at a 
    non-damaging flow rate

  • Maintains a consistent discharge throughout the life of the mat 
    with no noticeable deterioration of effectiveness

  • Color: Gray

  • Thickness: 3/8 (0.375) (9.52 mm)

  • Surface Resistivity rating 109-1010 ohm

Anti-Static Fatigue Floor Mat
Product # 175AS


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Related Product: All anti-static and conductive mats require ground cords to eliminate static electricity
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