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Static Electricity Educational Paper

Anti-Static Kits
(all kits include everything required for use)

Anti-Static Field Service Kit
Easy storage and transportation make this tabletop kit everybody's favorite
Premium Anti-Static Tabletop Kit
2-Layer Rubber, You can't get any better quality then this
Economy Anti-Static Tabletop Kit
Heavy Duty at an economical price
Anti-Static Floor Mat Kit
For use on hard surface floors even when chairs will be used
Heavy Duty Anti-Static Floor Mat Kit
The toughest ESD mat on the market
Can be used on carpet and under chairs
Anti-Static Carpet Floor Mat Kit
When you prefer carpet top instead of vinyl.
Can be used under chairs on hard surface floors
Anti-Static Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat Kit
Handles you static and fatigue from prolonged standing
Anti-Static Copier Kit
Resolves the static zaps to the copier

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