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Static Electricity Educational Paper

Anti-Static Keyboard & Mouse Pad 

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Computers hang up and lose speed for no apparent reason. Often this is caused by static electricity being discharged into the computer from you through the mouse and keyboard. You feel the static discharges of 3000 volts, printed computer boards are effected by a lot less. The constant release of static into your computer degrades its performance over time. Now you can help rectify this by using an Anti-Static Keyboard Pad. The pad provides a safe path for static electricity to go to ground not your computer. It also stops any static that may develop from the movement of the mouse.
Color: Gray

1 - Anti-Static Keyboard/Mouse Pad
1 - 10' Ground Cord
(attaches to any electrical outlet with p
roper grounds)
Custom sizes available upon request

Anti-Static Keyboard & Mouse Pad
Product # 274AS

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8"x26" $23.50



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