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Static Electricity Educational Paper

Anti-Static One Touch Pad 

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Static Electricity accumulates as you walk and move about. Once you build a static charge level of 3000 volts your body receives a shock when you touch another object. At this point your static level lowers dramatically only to begin the building process again as you continue to move about. The charge is often painful to you but can be destructive to the object you have just discharged into like a phone, computer or any electronic component. While you feel the discharge of 3000 volts you are constantly discharging static at level below 3000 volts and electronic equipment is affected by those as well.

To eliminate the pain and save your electronic equipment place One Touch Pads at strategic locations (your desk, computer, fax, file cabinet).

No pain, no damage, you are now at zero static.

Donít forget to touch it often.

1 - Anti-Static One Touch Pad
1 - Pad Grounding Cord (attaches to any electrical outlet with proper grounds)
Custom sizes available upon request

Anti-Static One Touch Pad
Product # 270AS

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