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Conductive Berber Carpeting 
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Crystal Blue Emerald Green Beige
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Silver   Charcoal

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Designed for use in:
Server Rooms, Laboratories, Electronic Assembly Areas, Entire Buildings

Conductive Carpet is available in 5 colors. It can be ordered in 19.5x19.5 tiles or 66x50 rolls. Installation can be accomplished with ESD Adhesive or Electronic Adhesive Tape.


General Description:

ESD Conductive AZO Berber <10 6.5 ohms Carpet is an industrial flooring product designed for extra heavy commercial traffic.  Used in ESD static control areas, such as electronics manufacturing, military, telecommunications, or sensitive data processing.  ESD Conductive Berber is edge ravel free and is suitable for raised access floor panels, or as an ESD conductive industrial matting. 

ESD Conductive AZO Berber <10
6.5 ohms Carpet is provided by e-mat, PO Box 1997, Holmes Beach, FL 34218.  The product shall be made of solution dyed ASOTA high UV Stability colorfast olefin staple fibers, blended with graphite conductive fibers, and manufactured by a proprietary Fiber-V-Loop double needled process. 

Technical Data:
Fiber blend 18-140 dpf olefin branded ASOTA staple fiber with graphite conductive fiber.  There shall be no separate scrim or inter-liner.
50 ozs/sy face weight
1700 g/m

Acrylic dispersion with conductive additives. 
8.0 ozs/sy approx.
300 g/m2 approx.

Heavy Black conductive rubber.
20 ozs/sy approx.
700 g/m2 approx.

Total Weight:            
75-80 ozs/sy approx.
2700 g/m2 approx.

Rolls            66 x 50 (36 sy)            2m x 15m
Tiles            19.5 x 19.5                 50 cm x 50 cm

Colors:              Charcoal 200, Silver 220,  Beige 430, Crystal blue 114, Emerald 050. Custom.            Available 

Physical Properties:
EOS-ESD 7.1                 Electrical Resistance (RTG) @ 100 V       <1.0 x 10
NFPA-99                        Surface Resistivity (PTP) @ 100 V            <1.0 x 10 6.5                                 Surface Resistivity (PTP) @ 500 V            <1.0 x 10
AATCC 134                    Maximum Voltage Generated            
Neolite Soles                         SDPU Soles step
step 0.05 polarity (+)             <0.02 step
scuff 0.16 polarity (+)            <0.02 scuff 

FTMS               Static Decay Test, seconds            less than <0.01 sec.

ASTM-423-90            Sound Absorption                     NRC   0.25 approx. 


ESD Conductive AZO Berber <10 6.5 ohms Carpet may be installed loose-lay and grounded as conductive runners or full surface in areas not subject to rolling loads.  Use conductive Electronic Adhesive Tape for bridging.  For traffic subject to rolling loads, such as aisles, full surface glue down with approved ESD-106 water based acrylic conductive adhesives is recommended.  ESD Conductive AZO Berber Carpet may be installed with full surface Electronic Adhesive Tape conductive textile reinforced self stick adhesive over concrete, wood, particle board, fiberglass, steel, asbestos, VAT, VCT, Epoxy, and over old, non conductive glued down carpet.  All glued applications require dry concrete (<3.5 lb./1000 sq ft. moisture) and clean, dust and oil free sub-floors to prevent adhesive failure. 


Use commercial high power dual motor beater bar type vacuum cleaners frequently.  For periodic wet cleaning, use only neutral, non-film forming detergents, such as Taski R-50 by any accepted commercial wet carpet cleaning method. 


ESD Conductive AZO Berber <10 6.5 ohms Carpet is NOT A CONSUMER PRODUCT and may constitute an electrocution hazard if used inappropriately or by untrained personnel.  The product is subject to commercial shade match variations.  It is solely the responsibility of the purchaser to determine the suitability of this product for its intended use. 

Limited Warranty:

Glue down ESD Conductive AZO Berber <10 6.5 ohms Carpet is warranted for five (5) years (pro-rated materials replacement only) for abrasive wear or ESD conductivity failure, provided all manufacturers sub-floor requirements, adhesive, grounding and maintenance specifications are met.  There is no warranty for materials with visible defects after such materials have been cut or installed.  The manufacturer assumes no liability for incidental or consequential damages.  Freight or labor costs for replacement materials are at the expense of the original purchaser.  See detailed terms of the manufacturers warranty. 

Installation Option 1 (Electronic Adhesive Tape)
A woven rayon textile fabric tape with conductive graphite interlocking yarn facing, coated on both sides with pressure sensitive plasticizer resistant acrylic adhesive.
Contains no solvent, chloride or formaldehyde.
Resistance:                            <= 10
4 ohm
Toxics:                                    None
Substance:                             Conductive tissue
Thickness:                              0.2mm (8mil)
Silicon Paper liner:                  Standard waste disposal
Durability:                               Will not crack with age , retains elasticity EMPA Test Report 132810/2
Plasticizer Resistant:              High EMPA Test Report 114483
Chemical Resistant:               High to acid and alkaline
Temperature Resistant:          -40 F to + 280 F

Installation Option 2 (ESD-106 Conductive Acrylic Adhesive):
One part conductive <10
6 ohms adhesive system

Base:                                   Modified Acrylic water based adhesive
Appearance:                         Light gray
Total Solid Content:               65% approx.
Open time:                           45 minutes
Weight/gal:                           9.25 lb.
Shelf life:                              1 year

Electronic Adhesive Tape Installation:

Can be installed over any existing floor including carpet. Requires no floor installation experience to install. The only prep work required is to level all cracks and uneven spots on hard surface floors and clean the existing floor of dust prior to installation. Roll the Electronic Adhesive Tape on the floor, peel off the protective plastic and start laying the tiles. The flooring is ready for immediate use as the tiles are laid. The Electronic Adhesive Tape is odorless, free of solvents, formaldehyde and health risk.  Installation time is 15% of that required for conventional epoxy installations. The floor can be removed and relocated (reusable) at a later date if desired. The Electronic Adhesive Tape acts as a conductive grid for removal of static electricity. It has a resistivity rating under 104 ohm. The tiles have a resistivity rating under 106 ohm.

ESD Adhesive Installation:

Installation is the same as normal tile installation using adhesive with the exception of copper ground tape placement.

Graphic instructions provided for easy installation.

Conductive Carpeting (19.5"x19.5" tiles, 2.70 sq.ft./tile)
Product # 198AS

Sq. Ft. Qty


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Conductive Carpeting (6'6"x50' rolls, 325 sq.ft./roll)
Product # 198AS

Roll Qty

Price ea.

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Electronic Adhesive Tape     Click here to read installation instructions
(not required if using ESD Conductive Adhesive)
Product # 200AS

Sq. Ft. Qty


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1 - 499 $3.35


500 - 1999 3.00


2000 - 4999 2.65


5000+ 2.30


ESD Conductive Adhesive (Coverage 100 sq. ft./gal)
(not required if using Electronic Adhesive Tape)   
Click here to read installation instructions
Product # 201AS  



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1 Gal


4 Gal 368.00

Grounding Tape (66')
(required for grounding using above tape or adhesive)

Product # 202AS

Price ea.

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All orders will be reviewed by e-mat personnel to determine the validity of products ordered to actual products required to successfully complete the installation.  This will be followed up with a confirmation phone call and fax to you by the e-mat consultant.  You cannot order the wrong combination of items since we will not release the order without this review process.

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