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Static Electricity Educational Paper

Conductive Grounding Tinsel 

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Static eliminating copper tinsel

  • An effective tool for removal of static from objects that come in 
    contact with the grounded tinsel strands

  • Ideal for removal of static from roll goods (plastic, paper, etc.) 
    that generate static as they are unrolled

  • Helps remove static from objects as they move on conveyor systems

  • Can be used as a inexpensive test to determine if a static 
    bar or blower should be used as a permanent solution

  • Available in 36' coils

  • Tinsel must be grounded to work properly 
    (ground can be with any copper wire or our (Ground Cord)

Conductive Grounding Tinsel 
Product # 250AS


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36' coil $20.00


2 - 36' coils 36.00


504' reel 200.00


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