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Conductive Interlock Rubber Floor

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  • Interlocking tiles install easily without the use of adhesive

  • Easy installation, use and move as often as needed

  • Absorbs shock and noise

  • Dense hard rubber stands up to all activity including heavy loads

  • Molded from the highest quality virgin rubber

  • Easy to maintain, cleans with ESD Floor Mat Cleaner

  • Replace damaged pieces simply by removing and inserting a new piece

  • Can be designed to cover any shape or size area or entire rooms

  • Safety beveled edges built into Ends and Corners eliminates trip hazard in areas of egress

  • Pebble finish for appearance and traction

  • Can be used on all hard surface floors and short pile height carpet. 
    (Stay Put or Perma Bond Tape may be required to secure matting)

  • Ground with Floor Mat Ground Cords and/or Copper Grounding Tape

  • Thickness: 3/8

  • Color: Black

  • Surface Resistivity 105-106 ohm

 Grounding Instructions Click Here

Conductive Interlocking Rubber Floor
Product 301AS

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2'x2' Center 301AS $42.00


1'x2' Corner 301AS 31.50


1'x2' End 301AS 25.50


 Grounding Tape 202AS 25.00


Floor Mat Ground Cord 115AS 8.30 Qty:
Related Product: All anti-static and conductive mats require ground cords to eliminate static electricity
Ground Cords
Mat Cleaner

 Grounding Tape (66')
(for use when large areas are being covered, call 941-755-4744 or email us for assistance if needed)
Product # 202AS

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