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Static Electricity Educational Paper

Cordless Wrist Strap

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Helps the body eliminate static electricity build up

  • No connecting grounding wire

  • Maroon conductive elastic band

  • Stainless steel contact plate

  • Can reduce static buildup by up to 80%

  • Ideal for individuals who have a problem with static electricity 
    in multiple locations

  • Should be worn on a continuous basis and at least 15 minutes 
    prior to reaching maximum effectiveness

  • Results will vary with individual and environment

Cordless Wrist Strap
Product # 101AS


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Use of this product will not provide total static protection. It will provide
limited static protection to a mobile static problem. It should not be 
considered as a replacement for the best method of static protection, 
the use of grounded mats and corded wrist straps.

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