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Static Electricity Educational Paper

ESD General Purpose Staticide 

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Designed for non-porous surfaces, General Purpose Staticide solves static 
control problems related to the attraction of dirt, dust and bacteria to all 
environmental surfaces, plastic products and product packaging.

If the surface is hard and static is present this is the 
immediate solution at an economical price

Staticide General Purpose is light duty solution for low friction surfaces 
and clear high gloss materials. Used for all work surfaces, trays, tote bags, 
PC boards, Plastics, Dip Tubes, components, storage bins carriers, 
packaging, film and hard floors. Does not last as long as "Heavy Duty" 
STATICIDE. If material is non-porous use General Purpose.

  • Can be applied as spray, wipe, dip or by transfer roller coating, 
    gravure coating or flexographic printing
  • Effective in PC board solder fault reduction programs
  • Proven effective in relative humidities below 15%
  • Used in highly sensitive electronic and EDP operations
  • Effective in all office environments where office equipment is located

When properly applied, STATICIDE complies with or exceeds all electrostatic 
decay criteria established for anti-static performance as set forth by NFPA and 
MIL B-81705, when tested in accordance with Federal Test Standard 101B, 
Method 4046. STATICIDE is a proprietary water-based formulation consisting 
of several quaternary compounds.

Coverage: 2000-2500 sq.ft./gal

ESD General Purpose Staticide 
Product # 228AS


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