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ESD Restorer & Cleaner 

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Designed for touch-up cleaning & restoring
floors with ESD floor finishes

Staticide Static Dissipative Restorer/Cleaner not only renews the gloss, it 
contains a special conductive residue that breaks down electrical discharge, 
lowers resistivity and returns floor to safe and proper specifications. Prolongs 
the useable life of your current ESD floor finish by extending the time between r
equired stripping and finishing. Designed specifically for clean rooms, electronic 
production and assembly areas, computer rooms, hospital operating rooms 
and other areas sensitive to electronic discharge. Excellent for use on any hard 
surface floor.

  • VOC: <1%

  • Surface Resistance: 107-109 ohms

  • Non-toxic and biodegradable

  • Easily buffed

ESD Restorer & Cleaner
Product # 237AS


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1 Gallon $40.10


Case (4 gals) 151.90


5 Gal Pail 181.35


50 Gal Drum 1671.60


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