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ESD Ultra Floor Finish II 

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Designed for ESD tile floors that have been in use and require reconditioning

Staticide Ultra II is a newly designed, highly advanced acrylic polymer that 
incorporates a static control component in the acrylic molecule itself. Therefore, 
virtually the entire floor is static controlled making this an ideal product whenever 
static is a problem or sensitive equipment is present on static dissipative floor tiles.


In fact, Staticide Ultra II was created specifically to meet the precise ESD control 
requirements of the electronics and telecommunications industries in dissipative tiles. 
No other floor finish can satisfy those stringent standards so effectively. Other features 
include: ease of black mark removal, high gloss, UV resistance, and electrical 
conductivity on static dissipative tiles.

  • Specially formulated for ESD tile floors

  • High Gloss UV resistant

  • Non-Flammable

  • Formulated to increase the life of ESD tile floors

  • Resistivity: 107-108 ohms
  • Coverage 1500-2000 sq.ft./gal (1 coat)

  • Wearability: Up to 24 months

ESD Ultra Floor Finish II
Product # 234AS


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1 Gal $80.75


Case (4 gals) 306.00


5 Gal Pail 351.00


50 Gal Drum 2835.00


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