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Static Electricity Educational Paper

Ionized Environment Electrostatic Locator

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Suited for ESD control applications in ionized manufacturing environments. 
Combines many features of precision electrostatic measuring instruments 
in a compact package at a relatively low cost.

Used to answer 4 basic questions in the ionized environment:

  1. Is static present?
  2. On what material or person?
  3. How much static is present?
  4. What is the polarity of the charge?
  • Obtain accurate voltage readings in an ionized environment
  • This easy to use meter provides continuous readings without 
    the need for re-zeroing
  • Stable operation - reorder output for continuous monitoring over 
    several hours
  • Quick, accurate, repeatable measurements from 0 - 30,000 volts
  • Battery test feature
  • Designed for close-in repetitive readings
  • Accuracy: +/- 10%
  • Leather case included
  • One year parts & labor warranty

Weight:    6 ozs
Size:        4.4 "X2.6"X1.3"
Power:    9 volt battery

Ionized Environment Electrostatic
Product # 137AS

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