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PermaBond Tape
The most secure floor mat anchor on the market

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PermaBond Tape is a convenient cost effective method to hold floor mats 
in place on any type of permanent floor surface. Upon removal it will leave 
no residue on the existing floor.

PermaBond Tape is designed to provide the most secure hold on all mats 
even when other methods have all failed. If the mat must stay in place this is 
the product to use.


  1. Clean the carpet of hard surface floor to ensure good contact.

  2. Place PermaBond Tape on the existing floor sticky side down under the 
    area where the mat will be placed.
  3. Pull off the protective plastic cover.
  4. Unroll the mat over the PermaBond Tape.
  5. Step on the mat to ensure proper contact with the tape.

Trimming of PermaBond Tape may be required prior to installation 
to ensure it does not protrude out from under the mat.

PermaBond Tape is available up to 82' long in one continuous piece.  Naturally you can order as much as required.

PermaBond Tape 
Product # 163AS

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