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Static Electricity Educational Paper

Static-Check Detection Meter

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Monitor all of your static sensitive areas. A unique visual method is
provided by the Static-Check Detection Meter to detect how much 
static charge a person is carrying. The unit can be easily wall mounted 
outside of a sensitive area to provide voltage readings on persons 
entering and a repetitive read for operators already present in the area.

Also effective in detecting the difference in potential between two people 
and in determining the effectiveness of wrist straps, coil cords, bonding 
plugs, custom floors, spray coating, garments, chairs, etc.

Meter must always be grounded to provide an accurate reading and to 
allow for instant discharge to a safe handling limit. The unit remains 
permanently switched on with a battery life of 6 months.

Weight:        7.75 oz
Size:            5.7x3.5x1.3
Accuracy:    +/-5%
Power Supply: 9 volt battery
Operating voltage: >6.5 volts<9 volts
Relative Humidity: 0% to 90% (non-condensing)
Case included
One year parts & labor warranty

Static-Check Detection Meter
Product # 142AS

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