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Static Electricity Educational Paper

Surface Resistivity Meter

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This compact meter measures both Surface Resistivity and Resistance to Ground 
with a test range from 10
3 Ohms/sq. to 1012 Ohms/sq.

  • Simple repeatable measurements of Conductive, Static Dissipative and 
    Insulative surfaces by the ASTM standard D-257 method of parallel bar 
    sensing in occordance with ESD Association S-11.11
  • Checking resistance to ground is as easy as inserting the ground cord into 
    the ground socket
  • Can be used to check any material for resistance
  • Accuracy:+/- 10%, Repeatability:+/-5%
  • Case included
  • One year parts & labor warranty

Weight:    6 ozs
Size:        5"X3"X1"
Power:    9 volt battery
Method:    Push Button

Surface Resistivity Meter
Product # 138AS

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