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Static Electricity Educational Paper

Anti-Static Computer Accessories

Anti-Static One Touch Pad
Removes your static painlessly and instantly
Anti-Static Mouse Pad
How much static is sent into your computer just by the movement of your mouse? None with this mouse pad.
Anti-Static Keyboard Pad
Use this to protect your keyboard and computer from static
Anti-Static & Anti-Fatigue Keyboard Pad
Protect your keyboard and computer from static, puts you into direct contact to ground plus provides fatigue relief from prolonged use.
Anti-Static Keyboard & Mouse Pad
Protects the computer plus mouse movement from static discharge
Anti-Static & Anti-Fatigue Keyboard & Mouse Pad
Combination of all of the above "the ultimate"
Anti-Static Computer Platform
Use to protect your CPU from harmful static, use on hard surface floors or table tops
Anti-Static Computer Platform Plus
Use to protect your CPU from harmful static, use on carpeted floors 

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