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Static Electricity Educational Paper
Conductive Raised Platform Tiles 

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  • Designed for hard surface and carpet floor applications

  • Can be used (limited) under chairs and carts

  • Grid surface pattern ensures maximum static dissipative contact 
    while providing slip protection

  • Unique modular design allows coverage of any size or shaped area

  • Requires no training to assemble

  • Can be used as conductive sub-floor for computer rooms, testing and 
    diagnostic laboratories, research and development facilities

  • Excellent for protecting PBX and other electronic systems from human 
    induced static electricity charges

  • Thickness: 1/2 (0.50) (12.7 mm)

  • Size 12"x12"x1/2"

  • Locks    8/side

  • Weight    0.80 lbs.

  • Support     481 gusseted support legs

  • Static Loading    8,000 lbs/sq.ft.

  • Expansion Joint    3 Horizontal/3 Vertical  

  • Surface Resistivity rating 5 x 104 ohm    ASTM D-257

  • Gardner Impact Strength    160 in-lbs    ASTM D1709

  • Notched Izod Impact    2.8 ft-lb/in.    ASTM D-256

  • Tensile Elongation @ Yield    10%    ASTM D-638

  • Tensile Strength @ Yield    3,050 psi    ASTM D-638

  • Specific gravity    1.03

  • Xenon ARC Weatherometer    >15,000 hrs

  • Color: Black

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Conductive Raised Platform Tiles
Product # 203AS


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12"x12" Tiles $11.00


1-3/4"x12" Male Beveled Edge 4.25


1-3/4"x12" Female Beveled Edge 4.25


1-3/4"x1-3/4" Corner 2.20


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