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Static Electricity Educational Paper

ESD Chemicals

ESD General Purpose Staticide
For hard surface materials
ESD Heavy Duty Staticide
For porous surface (carpet, etc.)
ESD Mat & Tabletop Cleaner
ESD Glass Cleaner
ESD Zero VOC Floor Finish (Wax)
For hard surface floor in a cleanroom environment
ESD Ultra Floor Finish (Wax)
For hard surface non-ESD floors
ESD Ultra Floor Finish II (Wax)
For hard surface ESD floors
ESD Acrylic Stripper
Designed to remove everything that may inhibit the proper installation and use of ESD floor finishes
ESD Neutralizer & Cleaner
Highly concentrated non-film forming cleaner that will not degrade the anti-static properties of ESD floor or finishes
ESD Restorer & Cleaner
Non-film forming cleaner that will enhance ESD floor finishes
ESD Polyurethane Floor Coating
An economical long lasting method of turning a concrete or hard surface floor into a anti-static floor
ESD Concrete Sealer
Keeps moisture from damaging your new ESD Polyurethane Floor Coating

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