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Static Electricity Educational Paper

Anti-Static Products
Products used to eliminate and control static electricity
If you are not sure what you require to solve static electricity problems
call us or send an email, it's free.  Our company information is at the 
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Wrist Straps
Several types including Disposable and Cordless
Ground Cords
Cords used to plug wrist straps into ground plus cords to ground floor and tabletop ESD mats
Shoe Grounders
A large selection of grounders for shoes
Monitors and Meters
An unbelievable selection of electronic equipment used in any ESD control program
Anti-Static Tabletop Mats
 A large selection with a large choice of sizes available
Anti-Static Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats
8 different types of anti-static and conductive anti-fatigue floor mats
Anti-Static and Conductive Floor Mats
12 different types including anti-static desk chair mats, carpet mats, mats for use on carpeting, sticky mats, conductive mats,

Non-Conductive Floor Mats 
Used anywhere that high voltage electricity may cause electrocution
Conductive and Anti-Static Floors & Carpet
Coverage of large areas, entire rooms or buildings, both permanent and non-permanent
ESD Cleaners, Wax, Soaps, Lotions, Floor Paint & more
Floor & Tabletop Mat Accessories
Snaps, Tools, and tapes to hold mats in place
Anti-Static Smocks
An arm moving inside of a long sleeve shirt can generate 10 volts but not with this smock on
Conductive Grounding Tinsel
Used to remove static from material moving on conveyor or feeding into or out of production machinery 
Static Shielding Bags
Used to protect sensitive electronic components while not in use
Anti-Static Kits
Field Service, Tabletop and Floor Mat Kits that include all of the straps, snap and cords that make them work
Anti-Static Accessories for Computers and other Electronic Components
Anti-Static Mouse Pads, Keyboard Pads, Tower Platforms
ESD Cleaning Tools
Anti-Static cleaning wipes for work stations and sensitive electronic components
Anti Shock Items
Personal Items to help stop that annoying shock you get when touching your car, items in your home, etc.
  Discounted Products
Products that we are discounting deeply to move the old inventory so we can spend more money on the new stuff
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